Wano, Carvalho & Associates was founded in 2015 when Doug Wano and Luiz Carvalho recognized the opportunity to provide predictable high quality and consistent advice and hands-on support to organizations seeking to improve their business or facing operational and financial hurdles.

Over the last 32 years, Doug and Luiz have lead multiple assignments across the industry spectrum in many different parts of the world, enhancing enterprise value by delivering significant and rapid improvements to their clients operations and realizing rapid and sustainable operational and financial results.

They decided the time was right to maximize their vast experience and found a business whose primary focus is serving their clients.

With that in mind, they created Wano, Carvalho & Associates as an Operational Consulting firm that emphasizes delivering Business Value Optimization by redesigning and improving all aspects of the value chain for our clients, to more effectively deliver their products and services to customers.  We also provide advisory services to businesses seeking to achieve significant gains and transformation.

A firm that combines the best practices of their vast experience, which recruits and retains the best talent in the market place and is determined to live by their core values and principles.

With the objective of enhancing enterprise value by delivering operational & performance improvement across the industry spectrum & functions, they have developed an approach to provide the clients with:

  • High impact performance improvement programs & strategies
  • Rapid improvements and profits
  • Hands on support to organizations
  • Client satisfaction at all levels of an organization
  • Action, objectivity, and measurable results
  • Practical solutions
  • Sustainability programs
  • Delivery of results, not reports
  • A fee structure that is unique to the industry
  • Action and sense of urgency to enhance, maximize enterprise value